April Knight Cornelison(non-registered)
Jeremy Rasnic is a former co-worker and friend of mine. After I went away to law school, we lost touch for several years; but as soon as I started wedding-planning, I immediately sought out his photography expertise. He responded very promptly (as he always does). Above all else, he expressed his happiness for me and my fiancé. He showed a genuine, vested interest in our upcoming union, offered us Godly counsel, suggested reading materials, and even invited us to church. While the business aspect was important, Jeremy made it clear that he actually cared about us, as a couple. He wanted to see our marriage succeed and be pleasing in God’s sight. His sincere concern was something we would not have received from another photographer.

Throughout the nine months of wedding-planning, Jeremy was there for us every step of the way. He stayed in touch with us and answered any questions we had. He was very professional – always wanting to be clear about our expectations of him, while making himself clear about what he needed from us. He met with us to discuss details as often as was needed. During our engagement photo session, he arrived early and spent hours with us – capturing some of the most beautiful images we had ever seen. The photo session was so much fun, it was laid-back, and we laughed a lot. We felt so comfortable with him. My fiancé remarked that he felt like he had known Jeremy for years.

On our wedding day, Jeremy soared above our expectations. He and his assistant Hannah arrived early and took pictures up until the moment we rode away in our limousine. Jeremy was such a calm, familiar presence amidst some of the most stressful moments of that day (he even ran to get me a tissue when my nervousness threatened to get the best of me). The forecast was predicting rain and we were so uncertain of the weather. There were moments when the clouds looked so ominous and moments when the sun shone brightly. Jeremy captured that juxtaposition in some of the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen. A few short weeks later, he provided us with wedding photos and a canvas print that are absolutely stunning. He captured our love for each other and the magic of that day so perfectly. When I look at our wedding photos, I feel like I’m looking at a fairytale.

Jeremy Rasinc is truly one-of-a-kind – someone who can’t be duplicated. He is honest, reliable, kind, hilarious, and professional. Most important, he is a man who loves God. He will deliver far beyond what you can expect or imagine. From now on, I want all of my family’s phots to be JRazz Creations!
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